Unless you've been living under a rock--or don't read--Bill's debut novel is a must.

"This novel by Bill VanPatten is nothing short of brilliant. Following the lead of authors like Madeline Miller and Rick Riordan, who pen modern mythology-based fiction so well, Seidon’s Tale depicts Poseidon as a complex but kind-hearted god who loves his brothers and sisters almost to a fault. VanPatten also develops another side to the Olympians that we’ve never seen, which is the love between Zeus and Poseidon, which goes beyond the fraternal. VanPatten takes a calculated risk with this and it pans out beautifully because the plot device becomes an absorbing tangle of power and desire. But VanPatten also includes the topic of friendship, alongside redemption and rebirth. The pacing is fantastic and the narrative flows effortlessly. Lovers of Greek mythology will love this never before explored sides of the gods and their very human emotions. VanPatten did his research well, depicting the personality of all the major gods true to legend so they are easily recognizable." --Judge, 27th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

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Winner of the 2019 Kops-Fetherling International Books Silver Phoenix Award for Best New Voice in Fiction

It's here and ready for your summer read! The first book in the Will Christian mysteries! Looks Are Deceiving. In the hot summer of California’s Central Valley, the bodies pile up. Are they victims of hate crimes--or something else? 


From the back cover:

Forty-nine-year old Will Christian, ex-academic turned sleuth, stumbles across a body during a routine bicycle ride. As other murder victims turn up—all Latino, all gay—Will wonders if his town is confronted with a series of hate crimes. Driven by insatiable curiosity and the haunting memory of the unsolved murder of his best friend, he enlists the help of his new boyfriend, José Torres, to track down the killer—setting him on a search for a killer in the secretive underside of the down-low lifestyle in a small, Central California town.


Bill has two novels in the works, A Little Rain, a story told from the perspectives of three different family members--and Never Trust a Dead Body, the second book in the Will Christina series of mystery crime novels featuring amateur sleuth Will Christian that take place in Mañana, a fictitious town in the Central Valley of California.

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And check out the volume below. It's in my honor. Can you believe it?

Oh and here's a super short award winning story titled "Leaving." Click here to download the pdf. It's free. Not a lot you can get for free these days!